My name is Max. I am a young man living in a lovely North London flat. I like the blues, I like tea, I like baked beans, I like complaining about the weather, and I understand the importance of not being earnest. I am very much an Englishman, a middle class university graduate floating through the streets of London.

However I am a relative newcomer to this country. I spent my childhood in northwest China and the remainder of my teenage years in the great city of Istanbul. From the snowy peaks of central Asia to luxurious shores of the mediterranean, I have lived in a variety of places. I see the world through a different lens and I am a story teller. This blog is all about that.

I hope to be able to provide an alternative view to cross-cultural issues in and outside the UK. In the current turmoil of the international scene we see culture reacting to culture everywhere we look. In our new global, interconnected world, the mixing of peoples is a more important issue than ever before and is in need of fresh voices. I hope to be one of those fresh voices. Though now based in London, I am at my core an Englishman in Asia.